Friday, November 14, 2008

Another 2sketches4U

My sister-in-law's birthday is just around the corner, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do anoth 2 sketches here ismy take on this weeks card sketch. Enjoy, and thanks for looking!
And thanks for the great sketches!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Altered Canvases

Here are a couple of altered canvases I thought I'd try. I want to make a larger one for each of us for the new house.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, I finally get to post one of these. I've been following the blog, and have made quite a few cards using the sketches, but have need the cards before I find the time to photograph and upload!

So this is my take on this weeks sketch!

Thanks for looking.

Also included is a picture of my new driveway!!!! I'm discovering the joys of building.....LOL...... considering we had planned on having broken ground by now and still only have a driveway, I'm now realizing that even the smallest accomplishments are to be completely enjoyed!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Page Maps

This is a card I made for the Page Maps contest.....way back when. Life has been so busy that I've just been too busy to take the time to post and comment!

Sorry for all the crappy photos, they're all taken at night!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sketch Card

This card I made for Carla's July Sketch challenge over at lil' scrappers.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lil' Scrappers Sketch Callenges!

Here is a card I did for Michy's June Sketch Challenge, over at little scrappers (I thought I was doing July's)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Time Flies

Wow, it's been too long. A lot has happen since I last posted, we moved out of our house and in with the in-laws, we are now in the final stages of purchasing some property, and hopefully by the end of Sept/first of Oct, we'll be able to start building!

Here is a card I did for Melissa Phillips sketch challenge!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Carla's latest Sketch challenge!

GO check it out here! It's a fun's my take. Night, Night!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


We had a wonderful Easter at our house! Saturday we took the children to the local annual egg hunt. Because of the snow it was held inside the elementary school gym. The floor was FULL of eggs and they just blew a whistle and let the kids go at it!! I didn't get to see too much as I was in the 5 and under section trying to encourage my shy little girl to get in there and pick some up, but Daren (DH) said the older kids looked like a bunch of chickens pecking at the ground!!!

Easter Sunday the kids decided to dress up because it was a special day. I had a memory of my Dad getting my sister and I to dress up and pose for pictures in the garden, as soon as it was warm enough! So ...... I made my little munchkins pose for a couple of shots, but they're good sports about it, although it's hard to get Berg to settle for any "serious" shots.

Here are a few of the shots that I took on Sunday. I can hardly believe how big they're getting. I went in to wake up Berg this morning and realized how much of his bed he takes up. I remember when he was this tiny little thing, in what seemed to be a huge bed (and it's only a single)!!!
In this shot Berg was trying force Abbey to stare into his eyes! After I took it I realized that it looks like he's going in for a kiss!!!
Here is a card I made. We went to my in-laws for easter dinner, and my MIL ( Debbie) was kind enough to invite my parents and G-MA for dinner as well. Now my Grandma is 87, and has lived on her own for over 25 yrs. She would do anything she could to help any one of us BUT she's VERY stubborn and set in her ways. She can also be very mean and spiteful when she wants to be. We realize that this is probably due to being lonely and her inability to get out much and try as best we can to understand, but its hard when you become the target of her bitterness. She has mellowed some since her Great Grandchildren have been born, as I think she has started to realize that she tends to push people away, and she doesn't get to see the children as much. Anyway, she was telling me last weekend how she still has my letters from when I lived in Alberta and Ontario, and she likes to get them out and re-read them every once and a while. This kinda made me feel sad for her. Then when I got home and was reading on a message board about a lady (who lives alone) who fell and had some trouble getting up or to the phone, which got me thinking of Nanny again, so I thought I'd try and start sending her a card every week, to try and boost her spirits. At least she'll know someone's thinking of her even if we can't get out to visit that often. This will be the first card I send to her. I hope she likes it!!!
Well, I'm off now! Goodnight!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter Weekend!

Found some creative time today, and was finally
able to cut into some of the fun papers I purchased over 2 wks. ago. Here are 2 of the card I made today. The res and white one is actually a match book fold (on it's side) the opening to the card is under the scalloped edge!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Quick update!

Well Debbie, I'm finally getting there!

My dear MIL has been getting after me to update my blog, so I'm finally getting around to it. Here's a little card I made using one of my new stamps! Can you believe I found this cute little guy at the discount store for $ 2.99? I thought that was a deal too good to pass up! I colored him using Debbie's water color pencils and gamsol. I think he turned out kinda cute!

Well good day everyone, I hope to post again soon, but we all know how that works!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My First ATC !!!!!

WARNING: This post contains my ATC card for the swap at Cococat's Cardmaking, so if you're in the swap and don't want to see it before you receive it....Look no Further!!!!

I'm so excited, I signed up for my first ATC swap on Cococat's Cardmaking Message Board. I had never made one before, but admired many, and finally took the plunge to try one. The swap includes 12 people and each person is to do a card for a month of the year. I picked October because Alicia from PCA had sent me a Fall stamp set as an RAK, and I thought it would be perfect for this. For a first attempt, I'm quite happy with how they turned out.
This picture really isn't very good, night time again, but I first stamped my images, them sponged inks in shades of browns, green and a touch of red. then I randomly clear embossed smaller leaves over the card.
I just hope the recipiants like them!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just play....

OK .....So ...... I accidently deleted this first card when trying to do the links in the last paragraph and ........ of course I can't control where it goes once I upload after I've already written my thing ..... and I'm really tired and want to go to bed even thought it's only 10 o'clock........ so the info and history behind this first card are found near the end of this post, and the first card and beginning of this entire post is actually following this card....... clear as mud right?

....that is what I had some time to do this past weekend, and boy did it feel good. I was at my DMIL's and as always she was kind enough to share her supplies with me! I had a lot of fun playing with some of her stamp sets. I didn't note who's sets they were though. This first card had a lot of flourishes,which, if you visit often, you know I love, and what appeared to me to be flower petals (not sure that that's what they're meant to be) but this is what I came up with. This next card is, of course, a criss cross card. I've been wanting to make one for a while and just had to add some scallops (another favorite of mine) down the edges. Used BG, naturally, on this one. Also added a pearl brad to finish off the strip across the card, love this, thanks for sharing Deb!!!
And for winning a post challenge on the PCA message board, this last card (now the first card....LOL ) I received as part of an RAK from my friend Lee. With a fantastic layout, BG PP's, and Lumier paint on the chipboard monogram (which adds such a great shimmer) how could this card be anything but gorgeous????? Along with the card she sent me a pkg of stampendous clear sentiment stamps. Thanks so much Lee, you are a very generous lady!!!

I just want to add that although I've been crazy busy lately, I still have been checking out everyone's blogs regularly, just not commenting. Everyone's work is just such an inspiration, keep up the good work everyone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


....two posts this month, imagine that! These are a couple of cards I did for challenges on the PCA message board.

This first one is for the Lift, Lift, Lift challenge. One of the ladies saw this layout on a blog (I have know idea which one) and linked it for everyone to see, I loved it and wanted to try it so here is my version.
This card is for the January sketch challenge. Used my Skipping Stones, Wonder Years, set for this one.
Other then that, nothing new here except more snow, snow, snow. Two days ago it was so warm all the snow had melted and now, in less then 24 hrs., we've gotten 15 to 20 cm and there's more on the way! Oh well, we got a family ski pass and lessons for the kiddies for x-mas, at least I know we'll get to use it!!!
Happy carding!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all you fellow Bloggers out there! I've been missing you, but life is busy now with working full time again.

We had a wonderful Christmas at our house this year. Both sets of parents and my Grandmother joined us for Christmas dinner. The best part was, because we had thought we had sold the house back in September, I had gotten a lot of packing done....... then when I went to get out those rarely used items......such as wine glasses, and the turkey platter, they were all packed and in Debbie's basement!!!! Sooooo, we drink wine from beer glasses and the turkey was served on a cookie sheet covered in tin foil......classy!!!! But we were all Happy, together, and in good health so what else matters!!!!!

Sorry for the poor picture quality here, but this is the best I can do at night, and it was not an easy subject to get a picture of anyway. This is a card I've done for a swap. I started it in Sept/Oct but never got around to finishing it. I wanted to do something different for the recipiant and thought this would be perfect so I dug it out tonight and finished it!

It's inspired by the circle cards, but the base is a clear CD/DVD (DH gets them in the large pkgs. he buys, they are protectors for the CD's in the bottom of the pkg). I stamped the CD in Permanent ink, then made the center "mini card" with punched scallops (they are joined by an eyelet on the side by the bow, and the top of the "card" rotates to open it. I also adhered another scallop on the back side of the CD to hide the hole and the edges of my stamping. Then just embellished and stamped the sentiment I wanted. I hope the recipiant likes it!!!!