Thursday, June 28, 2007

Play Time!


I managed to find a little play time this morning, and here is a Thank you card I made for Berg's teacher. Tomorrow he goes first thing in the morning to get his report card, and he will have officially completed his first year of school! I can't believe it's gone so fast, it seems just yesterday that I was standing on the side of the road bawling my eyes out!

These are a set of 4 cards I started yesterday, using my scraps, so I hope they'll qualify for Carla's challenge. As you can see they're all the same layout; 2 say birthday wishes (one didn't make the picture), one says thinking of you, and the other says thanks a lot.
I decided to try another sketch card, so this card is based on the Sketch This sketch! All the PP are Csomo Cricket. I used 3 different pieces of co-ordinating double sided papers and I managed to use 5 of the 6 sides available. I rarely ever use the back side of a PP so it was a nice change to incorporate those in! Well, we're off first thing tomorrow morning! So I won't be around this weekend. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can you say......Sunburn????

Because that is what I got today! My best friend Jennifer and I took our kids to the beach today! It was the first beach trip for both of us, this year, and the children had soooooo much fun! They were so covered in sand it was unbelieveable. They were playing in it, making sand angels, and rolling around. They even buried Tyrell, as you can seen in the first picture! At one point I think poor Abbey almost fell asleep laying on the nice warm sand!

Here is Abbey just digging. She and Jalisa had a blast in a big hole they found, which is funny because we found a huge hole last year on one of our trips to the beach. That occupied the kids for at least an hour. At one point Abbey had so much sand on her face, she looked like she'd grown a beard! This is Berg just messing around! You can see the sand all over him, and this is after we'd brushed a bunch off! It's so nice, Jenn and I have been friends since we were 4 yrs. old, and now our kids just love getting together, and have such a blast when they do!
Sorry, as we were gone from 10 am till 8 pm (Berg had baseball practice after the beach trip) I have no card to post today. I'm worn out meself, and off to bed. Thanks for reading about my day! Have a good one yourself and hopefully I'll find some play time now that Berg's done school. He's much more demanding then Abbey, but I'm guessing that's probably a first child thing.

Happy blogging!

Monday, June 25, 2007

I've been spending...

way to much time viewing blogs! I see so many things that I love, and want to try, that's it really just getting out of hand. If I'm not on the computer, all my "free time", is spent at my table! So I'm going to try and limit my time to evenings only! Here is a card I made last night, after viewing a bunch of blogs, each element was inspired by a different blog!

On a more personal note, we hit a major milestone here yesterday....Berg mastered "pumping" on the swing. This may not sound like much, but as a MaMa with two children who love to swing, it gets a bit hard on the shoulders some days. We have been trying to teach him for the past two summers, but if he doesn't get it right away, he gives up and says he doesn't want to do it! Needles to say, he is thrilled with this new found ability, and has hardly gotten off the swings since getting the hang of it!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Carla's Sketch # 2

Things have been busy around here this week! Had Berg to the doctor about his hands, he's having some sort of major reaction to something and his hands are all blistered, and cracked. Our doctor finally agreed that he should see an allergist (after many, many, nasal and skin problems), so hopefully we'll get an appointment soon. Had Abbey into out patients this morning and she has strep throat and an ear infection. It's only been 2 weeks since her last illness, let's hope this is the end of it!

I managed to get a card made for Carla's next sketch (, but boy this was hard. I don't know why but I just couldn't get one to come together?? Needless to say, I won't be doing two of these!!! This is the best I could come up with.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Happy Saturday!!

Last night I was blog surfing, when I came across Melissa Phillips' Blog (, and she is having a little challenge - create a friend related card using the following items:
1. ribbon
2. chipboard
3. button(s)
4. polka dots
5. heart

Here' s what I came up with, hope you like it!

PS...I know the PP is old, but I'm determined to stick to my own personal scraps challenge!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Sketch Card!

Here's another card based on Carla's sketch. Used more of my crate paper scraps, only this one's a little more feminine!

Yesterday was rodeo day at Berg's school, they all had to dress up like cowboys/girls and they were serving beans and weiners in the gym......... I packed a lunch for Bergen anyway! I had to go out to walmart and get him a hat and bandanna, but I definately think it was worth it, who could resist this cowboy?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sketch Card and Challenge!

I finally got around to doing Carla's sketch! Here's my take on it, and you can find the sketch on her blog . Had lots of fun with this one, as I used only my scraps! Here's where the challenge part of my title come in.

I have challenged myself to not cut a new pice of paper, until I have reduced my scraps to a manageable amount! Ha, Ha, Ha! What's a manageable amount, you might ask? I don't really know and I've decided I'll determine that once I think I'm there ! :) That works, right!

Anyway hope you enjoy the card.
Lee, to answer your question from yesterday's post, The dots on the flower in the book are made from Fabric paint!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Is it an Obsession????

So we're sitting in this pub in Ottawa, enjoying a nice cold one, when suddenly I see them.....the neatest shaped coasters I have ever seen! I immediatel start planing the cutest little coaster album. Slowly .... I reach across the bar and ever so carefully slip the entire stack into my pocket. Bad, I know, but how could I resist, I mean they're only coasters, right? Two minutes later the bartender notices that the stack is gone...... I hold my breath....... he reaches under the bar and brings out more. Oh how I wanted those one too, but alas my pocket was full!

Here is the album I made using them. It is for my Best Friends daughter who will be turning 5 in July, it will be an "extra" gift for her. Thought she might have fun selecting and cutting out pictures to put in it. I even has a couple of pull out tabs so she can write, or draw a pictures! Hope she likes it.

Used the BG Blush line and All stamps are by Skipping Stones design!

TFL, Have a good one!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wedding Bells!!!!

With just over two months before my little sister's wedding, we are starting to hear the tinkle of bells! This past Saturday my sister, Mom, and a close family friend, spent the afternoon putting together her wedding invitations! We had a good time, and it didn't take long at all.
The lighthouse image is a stamp that my MIL (Debbie aka DeeDee - Blog; Papers Galore, link is in my blog list) lent, and showed me how to water color. I managed to fit four on one 81/2 x 11 pice of watercolor paper. They were then scanned and printed onto watercolor paper. The printing is was done on a vellum overlay and the two pieces are attached with the ribbon. Very simply.
Special thanks to Debbie, for the stamp, watercolors, and demo. Also to DFIL and his assistant for the scanning and printing. Your time and effort are most appreciated!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last one..... for a bit anyway!

Ok, I'm done with this flourish stamp...... for a bit anyway! I have a tendenancy to get carried away with something if I like it too much!

This is a card I made just playing around last night. Funny thing is, with the three cards I've made using this flourish, not one of them comes close to resembling the card I had in my mind when I started making the first one, and it's not even the norm for me to have a card in my mind when I start creating! Maybe that's why, as I start working things just seem to take shape on their own?

Anyhow, hope you like!
Oh Lee, to answer your questions.....So far we have been fortunate enough to only have one little bunny hopping around the yard, but I have been on the lookout for signs of others...knock on wood...nothing yet! We don't have a veggie garden, so far he/she seems qiute content with the mass quantities of clover and dandelions our lawn provides!
On my coffee cup card, you had asked if I had used felt for the heart, yes it is felt, but it came already on the embellishment! It had a matching plate of cookies but I couldn't fit them all on the card! Thanks for the comments and coming to visit!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Just had a couple of regular pictures to show you. If you're a regular visitor here, you'll know that my hubby and I took a road trip to Ottawa the weekend before last. Well, while we were gone, for 4 days, we had someone take up residence in our back yard. Here is a picture of our new neighbor?

We finally got over to visit our friends and their new twins, they are so tiny, and so adorable, it just makes me want another one sooooo bad! Here is a picture of Abbey' holding one. I'm think at the time we had Samantha, believe it or not you can tell them apart this early in the game, but can't be sure without seeing the two of them side by side!


Well, I've been blogging now for just over a full month, and am so amazed at the inspriation available from the many different blogs I have found. I'm also amazed at the amount of visitors I have had to my blog. I thought I just be sitting here typing to myself and the few girls I know, who would visit to be nice, but I'm pretty sure they don't visit that often! LOL!

Although I simply love all the blogs I've been visiting, there are a couple that I find myself drawn to. These cards were inspired from two of my favorite blogs. The smile card was inspired from the works of Beatriz. Her blog is one of my all time favorites! It's called iralamija, and you can find the link in my blog list ( sorry I have no idea how to link it here). Her use of scallops, flowers, and bows, just continually keeps me in awe. As you can see, I've tried them all on this card, the scallops, woven ribbon, bow and flower, maybe it's too much for one card because I'm not happy with the way it turned out. There is just no way to capture her elegance! Keep up the great work Beatriz.

The enjoy card was inspired by Daniela's Blog, For the First Time (again you can find it in my blog list). About a week ago I posted a card made for my secret sister using one of the Rhonna Ferrar FLourishes. As I said in my post, it was inspired by a card I saw in the CARDS Mag. Well while visiting Daniela's Blog, I discovered it was her card, which only makes sense as I love her work! Anyway this card is another take using that same flourish. And even though I am happy with this card, it still can't compare to the work of this talented lady, I only hope time and practice can improve my techniques! Lovin' it Daniela

Friday, June 8, 2007

Another one!

I guess I really missed this, I think I'm in one of those moods that I could just scrap all day. This is a 6x6 size which is unusual for me, but it's always nice to do something different!

Stamps are from Skipping Stones Design - the Well Behaved Women set

Just Because!

Guess I had a busy night last night. I haven't sat at my table in over a week, it felt good to be back! For those of you who are scrappers, I'm sure you know what I mean!
There is someone out there who I've been wanting to send a card to, but just haven't found the time. I won't say who, as I'm not sure if she visits here or not. This lady always manages to give me an unexpected smile, without ever knowing it, and this card is truly inspired by her! I hope she enjoys it!

Dad's Birthday!

Well, my Daddy turns 60 tomorrow and my Mom is throwing him a surprise party! How fun! I was living in another province when they had his 50th, so I wasn't able to be there, glad I can be this time!

I'm not very good with masculine cards, but I came up with this one for him, and am happy with the way it turned out. I don't usually decorate the inside of my cards, but had to because of the sentiment on this one, I like how it worked and may have to start decorating the insides of more!

For anyone taking the time to read this ....How about you, do you decorate the insides of your cards?

Thank You.

While in Ottawa I got to meet Daren's cousin, she and her family had us over for a BBQ. I've had this card made for a while, but just had no sentiment on it, so I thought it would make a nice "Thank you" card!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Secret Sister Card!

We'll here is the final card I made for my secret sister Lee (Ayah). Sorry, the picture is blurrier then I'd originally thought. Although not a direct scrap lift, this card uses some elements from a card I saw in the CARDS mag. that Lee was kind enough to send to me!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Home again, Home again....

So we did it! 14 hrs. there, 16 hrs. back (mostly due to the weather), we arrived home shortly after 3 am Tuesday morning! Had a wonderful time, and the Sens won the night we were there! Ottawa was crazy, the game started at 8 pm and the line ups to get into all the bars were down the street by 4:30 in the afternoon. We did manage to get into the bar our friends were in, after a 10 min. wait and a $40 pay off to the doorman..... Thanks Ross, will reimburse you for that ASAP! It was well worth it! We got to spend time with friends and family we haven't seen in quite a while, and the atmosphere was incredible. As a non-hockey fan, I found myself totally pumped and watching the game intently!

So glad I went....and don't worry Lisa....I had enough drinks for everyone!!!! LOL!!!!!

Hopefully, after receiving Carla and Adelle's RAK's this past week, I'll get a couple of cards made this week!

Have a good one!