Thursday, March 27, 2008


We had a wonderful Easter at our house! Saturday we took the children to the local annual egg hunt. Because of the snow it was held inside the elementary school gym. The floor was FULL of eggs and they just blew a whistle and let the kids go at it!! I didn't get to see too much as I was in the 5 and under section trying to encourage my shy little girl to get in there and pick some up, but Daren (DH) said the older kids looked like a bunch of chickens pecking at the ground!!!

Easter Sunday the kids decided to dress up because it was a special day. I had a memory of my Dad getting my sister and I to dress up and pose for pictures in the garden, as soon as it was warm enough! So ...... I made my little munchkins pose for a couple of shots, but they're good sports about it, although it's hard to get Berg to settle for any "serious" shots.

Here are a few of the shots that I took on Sunday. I can hardly believe how big they're getting. I went in to wake up Berg this morning and realized how much of his bed he takes up. I remember when he was this tiny little thing, in what seemed to be a huge bed (and it's only a single)!!!
In this shot Berg was trying force Abbey to stare into his eyes! After I took it I realized that it looks like he's going in for a kiss!!!
Here is a card I made. We went to my in-laws for easter dinner, and my MIL ( Debbie) was kind enough to invite my parents and G-MA for dinner as well. Now my Grandma is 87, and has lived on her own for over 25 yrs. She would do anything she could to help any one of us BUT she's VERY stubborn and set in her ways. She can also be very mean and spiteful when she wants to be. We realize that this is probably due to being lonely and her inability to get out much and try as best we can to understand, but its hard when you become the target of her bitterness. She has mellowed some since her Great Grandchildren have been born, as I think she has started to realize that she tends to push people away, and she doesn't get to see the children as much. Anyway, she was telling me last weekend how she still has my letters from when I lived in Alberta and Ontario, and she likes to get them out and re-read them every once and a while. This kinda made me feel sad for her. Then when I got home and was reading on a message board about a lady (who lives alone) who fell and had some trouble getting up or to the phone, which got me thinking of Nanny again, so I thought I'd try and start sending her a card every week, to try and boost her spirits. At least she'll know someone's thinking of her even if we can't get out to visit that often. This will be the first card I send to her. I hope she likes it!!!
Well, I'm off now! Goodnight!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter Weekend!

Found some creative time today, and was finally
able to cut into some of the fun papers I purchased over 2 wks. ago. Here are 2 of the card I made today. The res and white one is actually a match book fold (on it's side) the opening to the card is under the scalloped edge!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Quick update!

Well Debbie, I'm finally getting there!

My dear MIL has been getting after me to update my blog, so I'm finally getting around to it. Here's a little card I made using one of my new stamps! Can you believe I found this cute little guy at the discount store for $ 2.99? I thought that was a deal too good to pass up! I colored him using Debbie's water color pencils and gamsol. I think he turned out kinda cute!

Well good day everyone, I hope to post again soon, but we all know how that works!!!