Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, I finally get to post one of these. I've been following the blog, and have made quite a few cards using the sketches, but have need the cards before I find the time to photograph and upload!

So this is my take on this weeks sketch!

Thanks for looking.

Also included is a picture of my new driveway!!!! I'm discovering the joys of building.....LOL...... considering we had planned on having broken ground by now and still only have a driveway, I'm now realizing that even the smallest accomplishments are to be completely enjoyed!


Kazan Clark said...

Love the card you made for us this week and I am so glad you posted so that others can enjoy your work too. I think your driveway is going to be stunning! Those trees are amazing..good luck with the rest of the building
:) Kazan

Joke said...

I think you are living on a lovely piece of earth.
Your card is very nice.

Eveline said...

Lovely card.
I looked up Nova Scotia on the map because my knowledge of Canada is sketchy to say the least. But I found out it's "near" where we travelled in 1996. We toured around the Gaspe area. You live in a beautiful country.

Heidi Van Laar said...

Very cool card! I love that key hole.

evafromca said...

What a great card!!! Love your driveway!!

Lea L. said...

Very pretty...that keyhole is so neat! Great job with the sketch!


Lisa642 said...

Hey Selena, congrats on the new 'driveway'. Where are you building? I can't wait to see the finished product, as I am sure you can't either!! Your card is very nice as well. Good to see you posting.

Olena said...

Nice card! Love it!